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Welcome to the world of academic essay writing.

This website will help you find your way and speak the language.

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You may find essay writing difficult in two ways:

  • Working out what to say. Working out what to say
  • Working out how to structure it. Working out how to structure it.

You may also have issues with spelling, paragraphing, punctuation, grammar and so on. Spelling, paragraphing, punctuation, grammar and so on

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Teachers, tutors and lecturers

You want to help your students write better essays, but you lack the time to produce teaching materials and tutor your students individually. This website offers free resources that you can use with students. They are based on extensive classroom experience and on peer-reviewed research into academic literacy. Click CV and publications for John Hodgson’s CV and publications. Students and tutors can also gain personal online advice Personal online advice .

Senior education managers

The website offers free resources Writing guide that will help tutors and students improve the quality of academic writing.  It also offers online consultancy and workshops Support tailored to your institution's needs.

Please contact us for details Contact us.


The site offers a researched, tested and effective approach to writing academic essays, based on the Academic Writing Workshop held at the University of the West of England, Bristol, between 1999 and 2011.

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