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About AEW

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John Hodgson is a literacy consultant with particular expertise in a multi-modal approach to adolescent literacy. He has wide experience of English and literacy teaching within secondary and higher education (in the UK and USA) and has written widely in academic and professional journals. His four-year longitudinal doctoral study of the literacy practices of rural adolescents is now published.
John has recently completed a major project for the Higher Education Academy on the academic experience of university students of English.

For further background information on John, please click here.
To read John’s published work and view his CV, click here.


AEW: Background

AEW was founded by John Hodgson in 2011 to continue and extend his earlier work on the problems of academic essay writing that are so frequently encountered by undergraduates. It is hoped that AEW will be of interest to a much broader audience, covering all teaching and academic writing.

The site offers a researched, tested and effective approach to writing academic essays, based on the Writing Workshop held at the University of West of England, Bristol, between 1999 and 2011. Personalised advice and learning materials are available to students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and to school students grappling with their first attempts at formal writing. Advice and consultancy are also available to university and school teachers, education authorities and others wishing to improve the quality of student writing at all levels.


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 If you are seeking further information, or you would like to send us feedback, please use our message form.

If you prefer, you can email us on: aew-info_AT_academic-essay-writing.co.uk

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