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Compass-vs Spelling, paragraphing, punctuation, grammar

Despite what we read in the press and hear in the media, most students who get to University are quite good at writing. Problems arise when they have to do a different kind of writing from anything they've done before, on a subject with which they are unfamiliar, and in a high-stakes testing situation, where a good number of the marks will depend upon the quality of your essay. This website is designed mainly to help with problems of these kinds.


Some students will have particular difficulties with aspects of writing such as punctuation, paragraphing, spelling and grammar. To some extent, programmes such as Microsoft Word will help you if you have the grammar and spelling checker switched on. However, it often takes a knowledgeable tutor to point out to you what you're doing wrong and help you to get it right. If this is the case, contact me with a page or two of your essay writing, to get some direct and helpful advice tailored to your particular issues. Please note that if you do need further advice, there will be a modest hourly charge. Alternatively, you might want to go on to the website forum to gain advice from other students.


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